«Architectural design»

Field of activity of architectural design experts is the subject and spatial habitat of the person with its components (city, rural, park ensembles, small architectural forms, elements of improvement and gardening, visual communications, exposition spaces, the equipment and furniture in the urban environment, internal spaces of residential and public buildings, underground constructions of public appointment, decoration, the equipment and furniture in an interior, exhibition and trade expositions, monumental and decorative art elements in an exterior and in an interior, visual communications in an interior).

Admissions Consultation

Key disciplines which you will study:

Theory of the design

  • History of arts I
  • History of arts II
  • History of material culture and design
  • Modern design (on a profile architectural)
  • History of interior
  • Styles and the trends in design
  • Bases of art skill and design activity

  • Bases of design
  • Chromatics
  • Arrangement
  • Picture
  • Painting
  • Engineering graphics
  • Modeling in design
  • Methods in design
  • Three-dimensional graphics in design
  • Design on a profile

  • Customized wiring (on a profile architectural)
  • Arrangement (on a profile architectural)
  • Advanced materials in design (on a profile architectural)
  • Elements and processes of architectural design
  • Design of objects of architectural design
  • Bases of teachers' training in design education

  • History of artistic education
  • Pedagogics
  • Educational Methodology
  • Methods of teaching visual art and art work
  • Methods of teaching graphics and design
  • Educational management

  • Where can you work?

    Graduates of architectural design specialization can work as experts in design of city, rural park ensembles, exposition spaces; on internal space of residential and public buildings, underground constructions, the equipment and furniture, exhibition and trade exposures, elements monumental and decorative and objects of arts and crafts in an exterior and an interior.

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