«Archeology and Ethnology»

7М02205302 “Archeology and Ethnology”Master’s program lasts for two academic years and is aimed at the formation and improvement of scientific knowledge about historical, archaeological and anthropological past and modernity; intercultural experience; field archaeological research mechanisms; problems and prospects for ethnology development in the Republic of Kazakhstan; cultural heritagepreservation; implementation of “Rouhani Zhangyru” and “Seven Facets of the Great Steppe”programs.If you want to become a professional archeologist or ethnologist, welcome to the Master of Humanities training program, which offers great opportunities to get a Master’s Degree at one of the leading universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan - E.A.Buketov Karaganda State University.You will be able to completeMaster’s thesis supervised by highly qualified Candidates and Doctors of Historical Sciences, the founders of Central Kazakhstan archaeological school, publish scientific articles in the university, near and far abroadjournals, take part in the republican and international conferences, forums and competitions, projects and grant programs both individually and within the research team.You will get experience in methodical and teaching work with students, organizational and managerial experience in conducting expeditionary work, expert and analytical assessment of ethno-cultural processes.

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Key disciplines which you will study:

Philosophical and historical aspects of social and humanitarian knowledge

  • History and Philosophy of Science
  • Tertiary education
  • Psychology of management
  • Teaching internship
  • Organization and planning of scientific studies in the Humanities
  • Modern Educational Technology
  • Languages for specific purposes

  • Foreign language (for specific purposes);
  • Special communication in a foreign language;
  • Specialforeignterminology;
  • World integration and globalization: civilization aspect (in English).
  • Organization of scientific and methodological activities

  • Innovations in teaching Russian history;
  • Commercialization of scientific and R&D results.
  • Fundamental problems of archeology, ethnology and history

  • Fundamental problems of archeology;
  • Organization and planning of archaeological and ethnological research;
  • Fundamental problems of ethnology;
  • Medieval cities of Kazakhstan;
  • Up-to-date ethnological research concepts;
  • Historical and anthropological studies;
  • EarlyIronAge,etc.

  • Where can you work?

    Archeology and Ethnologygraduates work in archaeological and ethnological research centers, in special scientific institutes, as officers of culture and monument protection of state, public and political organizationdepartments, university teacher, officers of archival, museum and educational institutions, publishing houses, Publishing and Printing Complex, etc.

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