Nowadays, the psychologist is one of the most common and popular professions. The psychologist should be in all spheres of life where people interact with each other: psychological support in organizations, law enforcement structures, or at the level of ordinary human relationships. Our graduates can engage in counseling, diagnostics, develop and hold trainings and workshops.

Admissions Consultation

Key disciplines which you will study:

Methods of teaching psychology in the university

  • Educational standards of psychological teaching in higher education.
  • Aspects for the humanization of the teaching of psychology.
  • The activities of the psychologist as a reference point of professional psychological education.
  • Psychology as a factor in improving the professional activities of specialists.
  • Psychology of management

  • Theoretical and methodological foundations of management psychology.
  • Psychology of management decision making.
  • Personality and build business career in the organization.
  • Psychology of business communication and professional communication.
  • Psychology of religion

  • Methodological and theoretical problems of modern psychology of religion.
  • Religious faith as a psychological phenomenon.
  • Psychology of religious group and individuals.
  • Psychology of religious worship and communion.

  • Who can you work for?

    A master's degree confirms that a graduate is ready to build a scientific or managerial career. Our graduate masters include teachers from universities in Kazakhstan, the CIS and abroad, employees of the National Security Committee, the department of the penitentiary system, psychologists of military units, heads of departments for recruitment, psychologists of educational and medical organizations, sports psychologists, counselors with private practice, heads of psychological laboratories and researchers.

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