Specialty 6B03106 «Psychology»

Today, the psychologist is one of the most common and popular professions. A psychologist is necessary in all areas of life where people interact with each other, whether it is psychological support in organizations, power structures or at the level of ordinary human relationships. Specialists with the education of a psychologist can be engaged in consulting, diagnostics, conduct various trainings..

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Key disciplines which you will study:

Personality psychology

  • Modern concepts of personality psychology.
  • Actual problems of modern personality psychology.
  • Emotional-volitional sphere of personality, internal regulation of behavior.
  • Study of internal causes of behavior, needs and motives
  • Basics of psychodiagnostics

  • Classification of methods of psychodiagnostics.
  • System of methods and techniques for making a psychological diagnosis.
  • Technology of construction, development and adaptation of psychodiagnostic techniques
  • Social psychology

  • The individual and society. Socialization of personality.
  • Interpersonal conflict and ways to resolve it.
  • Features of practical aspects in social psychology.
  • Methods of social and psychological impact
  • Legal psychology

  • Psychological bases of preliminary investigation.
  • Psychology of investigative experiment.
  • Forensic psychological examination in criminal and civil proceedings

  • Who can you work with:

    Graduates of the specialty work in the field of education and science, medicine and diagnostics, business and management, law enforcement and many others. Among our graduates bisnes-coaches, psychologists Of the Department of the National Security Committee, the Department of Criminal and Correctional System, specialists in personnel selection, employees of medical organizations and neuropsychiatric clinics, successful psychological consultants who have private practice, coaches and coaches who help people achieve personal and professional growth

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