6B11201-Life safety and environmental protection

The emergence of new technologies in manufacturing all increases the negative impact on the environment and leads to the emergence of an increasing number of disasters and accidents, an increase in the level of occupational diseases, injuries and death. Inevitably, human influence on the environment, its interaction with the environment and the main object of the technological civilization of mankind - the technosphere. The time requirement is qualified specialists who are able to solve any tasks related to ensuring human security in its interaction with the technosphere and the environment. Their task is to ensure the safe and environmentally friendly functioning of the technosphere, the rational use of natural resources, forecasting and eliminating the causes of accidents and disasters.

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Key disciplines which you will study:

Fundamentals of Radiation Safety

  • General concepts of radioactivity.
  • Sources of radioactive contamination of the environment.
  • Biological effects of ionizing radiation.
  • Methods and instruments for radiation monitoring.
  • Protection against ionizing radiation.
  • Ensuring radiation safety when working with sources of ionizing radiation.
  • Legal aspects of radiation safety
  • Technical regulation of industrial safety

  • Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on technical regulation.
  • The main objectives and principles of technical regulation.
  • The structure of the state system of technical regulation.
  • Competence in technical regulation.
  • Technical regulations
  • Fire safety of residential and public buildings

  • Principles of internal planning of residential and public buildings, contributing to fire safety
  • Features of the tendency of the spread of fire in buildings.
  • Features in the requirements of multifunctional buildings. differences in fire safety requirements depending on the functional fire hazard.
  • Features in the calculation methodology for determining fire risks
  • Rescue Safety

  • Legislation and regulatory documents on the safety of rescue operations.
  • Safety of rescue operations at industrial facilities.
  • Safety of rescue operations on utility and energy networks, main gas and oil pipelines and transport

  • You can work

    Graduates can work in the field of nature control and labor protection means and rescue equipment, protection in emergency situations and environmental protection, as well as for examination and audit, economic and other activities of enterprises, organizations and citizens, assessment of the acceptability of the implementation of the object of examination from the point of view of safety for humans and the environment.

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