6B11301 - Organization of transport, traffic and transport operation

Our specialty is one of the most sought-after services. If you want to become a qualified specialist in the field of transport services, then come to study on the educational program "Organization of transport, traffic and transport operation." You will acquire the skills of the ability to collect and interpret the necessary data in the field of transport organization, traffic and transport operation, transportation organization, traffic and transport operation for the formation of views containing judgments on relevant social, scientific and ethical issues.

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Key disciplines which you will study:

Ensuring traffic safety

  • Basic concepts of a traffic safety system for modes of transport.
  • Basic terms and definitions of the theory of traffic safety.
  • Indicators of the reliability of the technical devices
  • Basics of road safety.
  • Fundamentals of road safety
  • Interaction of transport

  • Fundamentals and objectives of the interaction of modes of transport in the technical and technological areas of the supply chain.
  • Logistic device of research of transport systems.
  • Optimization of the interaction of modes of transport
  • Trends and ways to improve the interaction of modes of transport.
  • Traffic management and traffic management

  • Basic concepts about the transport process, its subsystems and characteristics.
  • Types of road transport and their classification
  • Quantitative and qualitative indicators of freight and passenger traffic
  • Movement routes and their types
  • Traffic flow and its main characteristics
  • Traffic accidents. Road crash analysis
  • The main directions and ways of organizing traffic
  • Organization of freight and commercial work

  • Fundamentals of freight and commercial work management
  • Concentration and technical means of cargo handling.
  • Bulk cargo transportation technology. Cargo and commercial operations on non-public routes.
  • Transportation of goods on special conditions
  • Carriage of goods in direct mixed messages
  • Technology of transportation of goods in international communications

  • You can work:

    Graduates of the specialty 6B11301 work at enterprises of passenger and freight road transport of various forms of ownership, in freight forwarding enterprises, design and research organizations, as well as in the system of traffic police of the Ministry of Interior, traffic safety services of road transport and road maintenance enterprises, educational institutions, scientific - research and design institutes, institutions engaged in autotechnical expertise, certification of vehicles, as well as fear marketing transport companies.

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