Educational program 6B01701 – «Kazakh language and literature»

6B01701 – «Kazakh language and literature» is not an outdated profession demanded by society. If you want to become a specialist with the latest technologies used in the modern education system, in accordance with the updated content of education, choose this educational program. In the context of the country's transition to the Latin alphabet in the future, the demand for this specialty will increase. Here you will be able to form an independent culture of thinking, fundamental knowledge, skills necessary in professional activity.

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What you will learn: key disciplines:

Latin alphabet, spelling and punctuation

  • Rules, principles of the Latin alphabet.
  • Spelling and punctuation.
  • Types of writing.
  • History of formation of the Kazakh writing.
  • Theory of literature

  • The beginning and foundations of the theory of literature.
  • Stages of formation of literary and theoretical thought. Modern scientific approach.
  • Birth, formation, ways of development of literary science.
  • Terminology of literature. Poetics.
  • Methods of teaching Kazakh literature

  • Specific educational objectives.
  • Methods and techniques of training in Kazakh literature.
  • Various forms and methods of education.
  • Laws, laws, principles of pedagogical process of educational work.
  • Planning of extracurricular educational work.
  • Methods of teaching the Kazakh language

  • Systems of Kazakh linguistics.
  • The concept of practical skills.
  • Various forms and methods of teaching the Kazakh language.

  • Whom You can work:

    Graduates in the specialty 6B01701 – «Kazakh language and literature» can hold positions of the teacher of the Kazakh language and literature in secondary schools, lyceums, gymnasiums, organizations of technical and professional, post-secondary education. Can work in research institutions, in the literary, cultural institutions, publishing houses, in secondary schools, by organizational-administrative work, gymnasiums and lyceums, colleges, in government agencies for production and management work in the departments paperwork and documentation in various enterprises, at the enterprises.

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