One of the most fundamental directions of economic faculties around the world. Master's degree in Economics, includes not only in-depth theoretical training, but also the skills of quantitative research, which gives a huge advantage for practice. Our graduates, in practice, offer solutions to problems that do not seem obvious. And knowledge of mathematical methods allows you to calculate the consequences of decisions even in the largest corporations in the world.

Admissions Consultation

Key disciplines which you will study:

Methodology of economic science

  • Micro-macroeconomic analysis
  • Organization and planning of research in social Sciences and business
  • Modern economic thought
  • Sustainable development of the enterprise

  • Economic security of the company
  • Strategic analysis and enterprise planning
  • Real investment
  • Actual issues of macro-and meta-Economics

  • International macroeconomics
  • Geoeconomics
  • Actual problems of national economy

  • Who can you work for?

    Graduates can hold positions of economist, specialist, analyst: in the Ministry of investment and development. Mof. The Ministry of national economy of Kazakhstan: in the Departments of economy of ministries and departments, transnational corporations and national companies; in the departments Of economy and budget planning; in the departments of economy and planning departments, departments of labor and wages of enterprises, firms, organizations, state and commercial banks, insurance companies, customs offices, statistical agencies, etc. Researchers of research centers, universities, academies and institutes, with the right to teach.

    Our address:

    100028, Karaganda, Universitetskaya street, 28, building №1, cab №308 (Dean's office)
    Tel.: 356302