«Restaurant and hotel business»

The restaurant and hotel business is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy in the world and a source of income for the country. Therefore, at the present stage, issues of training specialists for the hotel and restaurant business become topical, the demand for the labor market in professional specialists able to quickly adapt to the environment, ready for practical activities, determine the most promising and flexible solutions and be able to predict demand is increasing.

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Key disciplines which you will study:

Basics of entrepreneurial activity in the restaurant and hotel business:

  • Business environment, typology of entrepreneurship;
  • Business competition in entrepreneurship, innovation in entrepreneurship;
  • Business risk;
  • The role of the state in the regulation of entrepreneurship.
  • Basics of the hospitality industry:

  • Economic indicators of hotel production;
  • The main directions of improving the efficiency of the hotel;
  • International forms of hotel management;
  • The formation and development of the hospitality industry in Kazakhstan.
  • Restaurant and Hotel Marketing:

  • Marketing research; marketing environment;
  • Consumer behavior in product markets; market segmentation;
  • Marketing pricing policy; selling policy in marketing; communication policy in marketing; advertising in the marketing system;
  • Marketing services and non-profit activities.
  • Organization and planning of restaurant and hotel business:

  • Organizational and legal basis for creating your own business;
  • Business planning in the field of restaurant and hotel business;
  • Design of hotel enterprises;
  • Price policy of the company.

  • Who can you work as?

    Founder of the restaurant and hospitality business; head of the company in the field of restaurant business and hospitality; a manager in the hospitality and catering industry; administrator, assistant manager; manager of the restaurant, hotel; head of reception and accommodation in hotels; head waiter, hall manager, administrator.

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