«State Audit»

The state auditor monitors financial operations in the regions and in the state as a whole, conducts inspections for inaccuracies in the activities of organizations. Work in the public sector is not only prestigious and well paid, but also provides for an opportunity to receive a decent social package.

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Key disciplines which you will study:

State audit

  • Standards of state audit
  • State audit staffing
  • Types of state audit
  • State audit conduct and collection of audit evidence
  • Quality control of state audit
  • International standards on auditing

  • Regulations on international auditing practice
  • International standards for the preparation of an audit report
  • International standards governing the quality of work of an audit organization
  • Performance audit

  • Application of performance audit in the state financial control of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Audit of the effectiveness of the use of public funds
  • Audit of the effectiveness of the use of budgetary funds in state financial control in foreign countries
  • State financial control

  • Organization of state financial control
  • Financial Planning and Forecasting
  • State financial control in the budget sphere of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • System of state financial plans
  • Financial indicators, their types

  • Who can you work as?

    Graduates of the specialty work:
    • in the Accounts Committee for monitoring the execution of the republican budget;
    • in the Audit Commission;
    • in the Department of Internal Public Audit of the Ministry of Finance;
    • at large enterprises of various fields of activity.

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