6В04103 «Economics»

Economic specialties have become especially popular in our country with the development of business, and at the moment the demand for economists is high in many enterprises. An economist should have an analytical mind and organizational skills, be attentive, sociable and patient. Studying in the specialty "Economics" you will get all the necessary knowledge and skills to work not only in companies, enterprises and firms, but also in the civil service.

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What you will learn: key disciplines

Meso-and meta-Economics

  • Economic security
  • Economic risks
  • National economy and economic policy
  • Regional economy
  • World economy
  • International economy
  • Economics of business and entrepreneurship

  • Entrepreneurship and startups
  • Economics of entrepreneurship and business
  • Design thinking
  • Innovative entrepreneurship
  • Economics of enterprise

  • Economics of enterprise
  • Enterprise planning
  • Economic analysis of the company
  • Enterprise project management
  • Business administration of the enterprise

  • Business planning of investment projects
  • Business planning for innovation
  • Corporate business and its administration
  • Business administration in small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Anti-crisis business administration
  • Sustainable development of the enterprise

  • You will be able to work:

    Economist, chief economist, head of economic services of the enterprise, head of planning-economic department, material and technical supply economist, sales economist, contractual and claims work economist, public procurement economist.

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