"Geography" (educational)

Geography (educational) - a qualified bachelor of geography, a teacher of geography. When training specialists, much attention is paid to the most important areas of geographical science – physical, socio-economic, ecological geography and the principles of the interrelationships between nature and society. The theoretical knowledge of students-geographers is supported by training field practice, work experience and teaching internship, conducted at the tourist camp site of KarSU in Karkaralinsk, enterprises and schools in Karaganda.

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Key disciplines which you will study:

Methods of teaching geography

  • to analyze the historical development of school geography, geographical education and methodological thought;
  • to master the methods of research in the methodology of geography teaching;
  • to study the content of school geography, its individual components and courses;
  • to study the forms of organization of teaching geography;
  • to equip with knowledge about the features of teaching individual courses of school geography.
  • Geology

  • It gives a holistic view of the structure of the earth's crust and reveals its diversity.
  • Considers endogenous and exogenous processes, tectonics, the connection of mineral deposits with ancient and modern structures of the earth's crust
  • Studies the paleontological remains, reconstructs the history of the development of the Earth
  • Geography of the modern world

  • The political map of the world, the stages of its formation, state, polity, form of government
  • Consolidation and classification of countries in the world in terms of economic development
  • The geography of the world economy and the geography of its STP modern development
  • International division of labor, international economic integration
  • General Earth science

  • Introduction to the basics of general science
  • An explanation of the nature of the emergence and formation of the world of life
  • Stages of development of the Earth and the Earth's crust and the foundations of paleogeography
  • Composition, structure, physical properties of the Earth and the Earth's crust
  • Explaining the relationships of Earth with celestial bodies in the solar system

  • Where can you work?

    Graduates can work as teachers of geography in educational institutions; employees of ecologic and environmental organizations; specialists at hydro meteorological stations, tourist and local history and environmental protection of nature, environmental management, human population institutions

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