The laboratory has existed since 2016. At the initial stage, the main direction of work was the design and assembly of unmanned aerial vehicles with the required functional features.

The laboratory developed a line of unmanned aerial vehicles: a glider, two hexacopters, a quadcopter and a folding quadcopter. Using these vehicles, joint research was conducted with the history faculty: photo and video shooting of the Buddhist monastery for the project to study the Kzyl-Kent temple. In 2019, the student design bureau was included in the laboratory, which led to the expansion of the scope of activities of the laboratory.

Head: Candidate of Chemical Sciences Zinovyev L.A.

Contacts:+7 7016553611,

The scientific direction is development and manufacture of automated and robotized installations and apparatuses. Along with it, the laboratory conducts joint works: with the biology and geography faculty on studying the influence of magnetic field on plants growth and automation of hydroponic installations; with the physics and technology faculty on the study of properties of insulating materials. Together with Karaganda Polytechnic University, a study of the properties of low-voltage partial discharge is being conducted.


- conducting research and project work in the field of robotics, automation in related areas;

- training of specialists in the profile of scientific activity - bachelors, masters, PhD.

Laboratory staff:

  1. Zinovyev L.A. - Candidate of Chemical Sciences, head.
  2. Seldyugayev O.B. - Candidate of Chemical Sciences
  3. Zavatskaya O.N. - master, engineer.