We are against corruption!

The university implements a policy of counteracting corruption among students and teachers. The university staff has done a purposeful work to create an anti-corruption strategy, develop institutions for resolving labor disputes and conflicts, and carry out joint preventive measures with the Anti-Corruption Agency.

Helpline 8 (7212) 356 - 339

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Order on approval of the anti-corruption direction curator

Anti-corruption strategy of Karaganda Buketov University for 2015-2025

Anti-corruption action plan for academic year 2020-2022

Work plan of "SANALY URPAQ" project office

Corporate Ethics Code of Karaganda Buketov University

The Ethics Council and the Conciliation Commission function at the university

Composition of the Conciliation Commission

Syzdykov M. Zh. - vice-rector for social and cultural development, chairman of the commission,
Abildina S.K. - Head of the Pedagogy and Methods of Primary Education Department
Baikenzhina Sh.T. – specialist-lawyer
Zhekebayeva T.K. - Head of the Occupational Safety and Health Department, Trade union organizer of the Administrative-Economic Department
Zhumageldy N.M. - acting Head of the Administrative-economic department
Zhunussova M.K. - acting chairman of the Trade union committee
Zakharova S.V. – specialist-lawyer
Kaliyeva A.T. - Head of the Human Resources Department
Makhanova K.M. - Associate Professor of the Radiophysics and Electronics Department, Trade union organizer of the Physics and Technology Faculty

The Ethics Council and the Conciliation Commission are chaired by a member of the Board, vice-rector for social and cultural development Syzdykov Meirzhan Zhakenovich

Address: 28, Universitetskaya str., main building, office № 223
Tel.: +7 7212 35-64-58 (work number), +7 705 6297591 (mobile)
E-mail: meirzhan_77@mail.ru