Doctoral Studies

This is the third level of university education. Doctoral programs have a scientific and pedagogical orientation. Doctoral students receive fundamental methodological and research training. The duration of the doctoral studies is 3 years.

The languages of instruction in doctoral studies are Kazakh and Russian, some subjects are studied in English.

Training is conducted in full-time format with the use of distance technologies.

An academic year in doctoral studies is divided into two semesters. Each semester consists of 15 weeks. There are vacations between the semesters. The total duration of the vacations during the academic year is not less than 7 weeks, except for the graduation course.

In order to proceed to the next course of study, a doctoral student must achieve the established passing score - GPA.

The educational program includes theoretical, practical and research training. During the training a doctoral student has the opportunity to independently form the trajectory of his study, to choose the academic disciplines and the research direction of the doctoral thesis. Preparation of the dissertation is carried out under the supervision of two scientists - domestic and foreign.

The main criterion for the completion of the educational process of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is the mastering of at least 180 academic credits by a doctoral student, including all types of educational and scientific activities. Upon graduation, the doctoral student must defend a thesis. Upon successful completion of the doctoral program and the defense of the thesis, a doctoral student is awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

List of educational programs of doctoral studies

2020-2021 academic year

8D01 Pedagogical sciences


8D01100101 - Pedagogics and psychology


8D01100102 - Psychology of education


8D01100103 - Digital pedagogy


8D01300301 - Pedagogics and methods of primary education


8D01701701 - Kazakh language and literature


8D01701901 - Foreign language: two foreign languages


8D02 Arts and humanities


8D02205001 - Philosophy


8D02205301 - History


8D02306001 - Philology


8D04 Business, management and law


8D041070 01 - Economics


8D04207801 - Jurisprudence


8D05 Natural sciences, mathematics and statistics


8D05108001 - Physics


8D05108002 - Thermal physics and theoretical heat engineering


8D05108001 - Biology


8D05308901 - Chemistry


8D05409201 - Mathematics


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