Volunteer movement and social projects for students

Volunteer Movement

The University has a single volunteer center "BIZ BARMYZ", which is a voluntary association of students involved in the volunteer movement. Today, the number of volunteers includes about 300 students who provide real help to those in need, actively participate in various activities and contribute to the development of civil society.

You can find out about the work of our volunteers on the social network Instagram: @bizbarmyz. You can send a written request or ask a question by e-mail: bizbarmyz@mail.ru .

You can learn more about the volunteer movement by contacting the organizers at our university:

Zhumabek Zhibek Arifbekovna, head of the volunteer center "Biz barmyz": e-mail: z.zhmabek@bk.ru .

Zhumazhan Yerkezhan Bauyrzhanuly, official coordinator of the volunteer movement at the university: e-mail: erkezhan.krg@gmail.com

The work plan of the «Болашақ ата-аналар мектебі» club for the 2022-2023 academic year

The purpose of the club is to provide information and advisory assistance to students in raising children of normotypical development and with special educational needs.

The relevance of this work lies in the fact that young families often face difficulties in raising a child, especially at an early stage of development. The lack of information and advisory assistance to a young parent leads to negative situations, since the birth of a child with developmental disabilities, ignorance of the characteristics of the early development of the child, rejection of the child in the family, early assignment of correctional and pedagogical work lead to difficulties in raising a special child due to lack of skills and skills. In this regard, the provision of early information support to young people will contribute to the prevention of the above problems.

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Social projects for students

"Four good deeds" project. Aimed at the development of volunteer movement at the university. Within the framework of the project faculties take part in the competition of good deeds.

"University graduates or my success story" project. The project includes meetings of students with successful graduates of the university in an interactive TEDx format. There is an exchange of views, a successful career-building experience.

"World of theatre and music" cultural project. Aimed at supporting the creative potential of youth and familiarizing students with theatrical and musical art.

"Caravan of history" patriotic project. Within the framework of the project, students have an opportunity to visit sacred and historical places of Karaganda region, local museums.

"Improve your second home" project. It is aimed at providing secondary employment for students who are offered to work in the construction team to repair the houses of university students during the summer vacations. Project participants will be able to earn and contribute to the preservation of university infrastructure.

Project to support the state program "Zhasyl El". It is aimed at providing secondary employment of students who are invited to work in the greening teams of the city during the summer vacations. Project participants will be able to earn and contribute to the beautification of Karaganda.

To participate in the projects you can address to the Youth Policy Department of the university.