Theater and drama studio

From history: the studio was created on the basis of the Palace of Students in 1997 with the aim of introducing students to theatrical and artistic creativity. At the origins of the studio were folk artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan, actors of the Karaganda Regional Theater of the Kazakh Drama Theater named after Saken Seifullin Kargambay Rakhimzhanovich Satayev and Asiya Bozaevna Ablayeva. In 2002-2004, the studio was headed by Danai Amandykovich Yespayev - artist, theater director, "Madeniyet Kairatkeri" of the RK, now the head of the Karaganda State Russian Drama Theater named after K.S. Stanislavskiy.

Profile: the studio's repertoire includes stage miniatures, dramatizations, performances based on works of art by Kazakh and foreign writers.

Heads: Kozhambayeva Gulden Talgatovna, Massalim Yelaman.

Achievements: the theater and drama studio "Shattyk" is a laureate of regional student festivals, a diploma winner of the International Festival of Creative Youth "Shabyt".

Video with the participation of "Shattyk":

Performance dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Academician Y.A.Buketov

Happy Nauryz!

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