Nation folklore ensemble

From history: the ensemble "Saryn" was created in 2000 under the leadership of Marat Kapenovich Mazhitov.

Profile: the activity of the "Saryn" folklore ensemble gives students the opportunity to get acquainted with the richness of traditional Kazakh music in the kyui genre. The instruments of the ensemble are strings (dombra, sherter, kobyz, kyl-kobyz), wind instruments (sybyzgy, saz syrnai, uskirik, kerney), percussion (dauylpaz, asatayak, ush burysh), self-sounding plucked (shan kobyz) instruments. The repertoire of the kyui ensemble of folk and professional composers of Kazakhstan: Kurmangazy, Tattimbet, Dauletkerey, Kazangap, Dina Nurpeissova, Nurgisa Tlendiyev and others. The university regularly holds kyui -tartys - a competition for the best performance of the Kazakh kyui.

Heads: Bespayeva Kulzira Kabduovna, Sagitov Galymbek Auezkhanovich.

Achievements: in 2011 the ensemble "Saryn" was awarded the title of "national". The "Saryn" folklore ensemble is a laureate of regional, republican and international competitions and festivals.

Video with the participation of "Saryn":

National folklore ensemble "Saryn" of the Palace of Students of Karaganda Buketov University

«Kyui tartys – 2020» competition

Concert dedicated to March 8

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