Ethics Board

The Ethics Council is an advisory body, considering issues of labor discipline, compliance with anti-corruption laws, the Code of Corporate Ethics, the rules of Academic Integrity of the University.

You can contact the Council in cases of violation of your academic, job, labor rights, and the occurrence of conflict situations in the collective. You can submit a written request personally through the Secretary office, to the corporate e-mail: or by going to the website in the “Feedback” section (blog of the rector, vice-rector for social and cultural development.

The Council includes the chairman of the university trade union, student representatives, the head of the Department for legal affairs, Human Resources Department and representatives of the administrative and management personnel. The Chairman of the Ethics Council is the vice-rector for social and cultural development.

The composition of the Council is approved by the order of the Chairman of the Board – Rector of the university.

The Council is convened as needed.

View the composition of the Council for the current year

Ethics Council composition for the current year

1. Syzdykov M.Zh. – Member of the Board, Vice-rector for social and cultural development, chairman of the Council
2. Sagintayeva S.S. – Member of the Board, Vice-Rector for academic affairs, member of the Council
3. Moldabaev A.S. – Member of the Board, Vice-Rector for administrative and economic activities, member of the Council
4. Khasenova T.M. – Acting director of the Academic affairs department, member of the Council
5. Toleubekov A.T. – Head of Personnel management, member of the Council
6. Oleinik V.I. – Head of the Anti-Corruption Compliance Service, member of the Council
7. Baikenzhina Sh.T. – Head of the legal department, member of the Council
8. Kasymov S.S. – Director of the Department of science, member of the Council
9. Zhunusova M.K. – Chairman of the trade union committee, member of the Council
10. Rakhimov A.S. – master's student of the Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology, member of the Council
11. Zhumzhumaev N.S. – specialist lawyer of the Legal department, secretary of the Council