Institute of Market Relations

Head: Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor – Mamrayeva Dinara Gabitovna

Brief information:

The Institute of Market Relations was founded in 1981.

Main scientific directions:
+ integral multifactor assessment of the tourist and recreational potential of the destinations;
+ methods of integrated statistical analysis and forecasting of the main indicators characterizing the development of innovative products market;
+ research of the innovation infrastructure of industrial clusters;
+ digital economy: global trends and the practice of Kazakhstani business;
+ marketing research of goods and services;
+ business planning of investment projects;
+ modeling and forecasting of socio-economic processes.

Основные публикации:
1. Mamrayeva D.G., Stybaeyeva A.Z., Tashenova L.V. The research of global innovation capital: a review and analytical comparison // Economic Annals-XXI. – 2018. – № 167(9-10). – P. 4-7.
2. Mamrayeva D.G., Tashenova L.V. Prospects of bicycle sharing development in the system of urban tourism in the Republic of Kazakhstan: myth or reality? // Transport problems. – 2017. – № 2(12). – P. 65-76.
3. Mamrayeva D.G., Tashenova L.V. , Aikambetova A.E. Marketing innovations as one of important directions of innovative policy of international companies // Education and science without borders. – 2016. – N13. – P. 12-13.
4. Mamrayeva D.G., Tashenova L.V., Kakimzhanova A.A. International experience of the development of children and youth tourism // Education and science without borders. – 2015. – N11. – P. 24-26.

Adress: Karaganda, Universitetskaya str., 28, building 1, office 412
Phone number: +77013973535