7M04207802-Legal support of business

The purpose of the educational program "7M04207802-Legal support of business" is to prepare masters who are familiar with modern techniques and methods of legal support of businesses, legal support of transactions, other legal actions of entrepreneurs and their associations, protection of property rights and legal interests. economy. The sphere of professional activity of graduates of the educational program “7M04207802-Legal support of business” covers legal support of activities of economic entities at various levels, including individual entrepreneurs, organizing and conducting legal business on behalf of a client, as well as activities:
1. In courts, notary offices, other law enforcement agencies;
2. In the administrative structures of state power;
3. In legal consultations with the subsequent acquisition of the status of the lawyer;
4. In organizations with foreign participation;
5. At enterprises, in educational organizations

Admissions Consultation

Key disciplines which you will study:

Socio-humanitarian and linguistic knowledgies

  • Foreign language (professional)
  • Management
  • Psychology of management
  • Contracts and business

  • Technique of contract work in business
  • Protection of participants` rights in commercial turnover in court and pre-trial order

  • Claim settleement in business activities (in English)
  • Protection of participants` rights in commercial turnover in court and pre-trial orde

  • Conciliation procedures for the settlement of disputes in business
  • Securing consumer rights in business
  • Features of consideration of certain categories of civil cases (in English)

  • What kind of work can you perform?

    1. Legal adviser to commercial and non-profit organizations, including consulting agencies, insurance, audit and investment companies, financial organizations, etc.;
    2. Lawyer of the legal Department (division) in the state structures;
    3. Specialist of personnel service at the enterprise;
    4. Lawyer (assistant);
    5. Notary (assistant);
    6. Judge;
    7. Arbitrator;
    8. Prosecutor;
    9. The court clerk;
    10.The court bailiff;
    11. Specialist of the Public Service Centre ;
    12. Individual entrepreneur;
    13. Intellectual property analyst;
    14. Сollege teacher

    Contact phone numbers:

    100028, Republic of Kazakhstan, Karaganda city, University street, 28
    phone: 8 (7212) 356416