8D04207801 «Jurisprudence»

Jurisprudence is one of the most sought-after fields of activity. According to Article 1 of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Kazakhstan asserts itself as a democratic, secular, legal and social state, the highest values of which are a person, his life, rights and freedoms. If you want to become a professional in the field of law - welcome to the PhD program in the specialty "Jurisprudence". You will receive fundamental knowledge with innovative approaches and research skills for the implementation of scientific, educational, professional and practical activities in the field of law. Learn how to independently formulate and practically solve modern scientific and practical problems in the field of jurisprudence, implement scientific and educational projects in professional activities, and manage educational and research processes in teaching activities

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Key disciplines which you will study:

Philosophy of Law

  • General questions of the philosophy of law.
  • Legal ontology.
  • Legal Gnoseology.
  • Legal axiology.
  • Legal anthropology.
  • Legal logic.
  • Legal Hermeneutics.
  • State power: the theoretical and legal aspect

  • Concept, types and sources of power.
  • Properties and functions of power. The concept of state power..
  • The structure of government power
  • The ratio of state power and state.
  • General provisions of the principle of separation of powers in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Issues of constitutional law reform (in English)
  • Constitutional development of Kazakhstan.
  • The constitutional development of Kazakhstan in the Soviet period.
  • The transitional phase of constitutional reforms in Kazakhstan in 1988-1990.
  • The current stage of the constitutional development of the Republic of Kazakhstan as the embodiment of the ideas of constitutionalism.
  • Reform of constitutional legislation in modern times.
  • Formation and development of migration law in the system of national law

  • Migration policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • The immigration situation of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the present stage.
  • Emigration processes in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Labor and intellectual migration.
  • Political and legal problems of migration in the CIS countries.
  • International migration of the population.
  • The constitutional basis of the financial activities of the state

  • Constitutional and legal foundations of the financial system of Kazakhstan and its structure.
  • Legal regulation of the budget process in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Organizational and legal framework of the tax system of Kazakhstan.
  • Legal framework for the regulation of state credit.
  • Public Finance Management of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Comparative constitutional law: theoretical and practical issues of development

  • Comparative constitutional law: subject, sources and principles.
  • Basics of the legal status of a person and a citizen in the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign countries.
  • The relationship and interaction of international and domestic law.
  • The legislative process in the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign countries.
  • Constitutional models of the executive power of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign countries.
  • Constitutional and legal foundations of the judicial power of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign countries.
  • Development of civil law doctrine in the Republic of Kazakhstan

  • Civil law and its social value.
  • Subjects, objects, legal facts in civil law: modern understanding.
  • Legal regulation of real rights.
  • Law of Obligations.
  • Non-contractual obligations.

  • What kind of work can you perform?

    Graduates of the specialty work as teachers of law in higher educational institutions of the state and non-state sectors; as heads of various services in scientific organizations, branches and departments of state bodies; in the justice authorities, the financial police, the prosecutor's office, as well as in the judiciary and law enforcement. They develop methods for organizing and conducting a variety of legal acts in the field of national legislation

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