6B04203 «International law»

International law is one of the most popular, prestigious and highly paid spheres of activity. This specialty is aimed at training highly qualified lawyers who are well aware not only of the specifics of domestic law and law enforcement, but also of the relevant experience of leading foreign law schools and mechanisms of legal regulation of international relations. In the process of training, students receive theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for participation in the activities of state bodies, public organizations, including those in the field of international relations and foreign economic activity. The faculty provides high-quality training of competitive specialists with comprehensive knowledge, able to employ innovative approaches in the field of national and international law, research skills and a high level of legal culture and legal awareness, to bodies of state power and administration, law enforcement, commercial and non-commercial organizations, representative offices of international organizations. These specialists are in demand wherever there is a need for lawyers capable of mutually beneficial use of regulatory potential in the interests of national and foreign subjects of law and in the framework of interstate cooperation. Bachelor's degree is a reliable basis for professional growth, stability and well-being of the modern man.

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Key disciplines which you will study:

Modern law and state

  • Theory of state and law
  • Constitutional law of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Public service
  • Legal basis for the public service delivery
  • International human rights standards
  • Criminal law of the Republic of Kazakhstan (general and special part)
  • Civil Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan (general and special part)
  • Legal regulation of the international public and private relations

  • Administrative law of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign countries
  • Customs low of the Rebublic of Kazakhstan
  • International legal regulation of citizenship
  • Elective law and process
  • International private law
  • International public law
  • Law of international organizations
  • Diplomatic and consular law
  • Legal basis of information security
  • National legal and international legal procedures

  • International trade law
  • International process
  • Civil procedural law of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • International cooperation in the field of combating the legalization of criminal proceeds
  • State control and supervision
  • Legal regulation of international economic relations and issues of international legal assistance

  • Legal system of the European Union
  • International legal assistance in civil cases
  • International and legal methods of settlement of conflicts
  • International banking law and currency regulation
  • Tax law and international taxation

  • What kind of work can you perform?

  • at departments of external relations of public authorities and administrations of ministries and departments of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • internal affairs and national security officers;
  • legal advisers of enterprises and institutions;
  • specialists of the Registry office, PSC, etc;
  • lawyers, notaries;
  • judicial custodians.

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    100028, Republic of Kazakhstan, Karaganda city, University street, 28
    phone: 8 (7212) 356416