"Pedagogy and methods of primary education"

Persons who have mastered the master’s educational program (2 years) and defended a master’s thesis, are awarded the degree of Master of Pedagogical Sciences in the specialty 7М01300301 - Pedagogy and methods of elementary education. Magistrates who have chosen the scientific and pedagogical directions: improve their theoretical, practical and individual training; form the research work in the pedagogical direction and preparation for professional activity, combining theory and practice; have professional knowledge and practical skills in the field of pedagogy and psychology; have skills in organizing, planning and implementing an integrated research process; He is skilled in the critical analysis, evaluation and synthesis of new and complex ideas. Future undergraduates study the scientific organization of labor, system knowledge in the research direction, form the ability to organize, plan and implement the process of scientific research; ability to plan and predict the results of the study; the ability to contribute their own original research to expand the boundaries of the scientific field, which may deserve publication at the national and international level.

Admissions Consultation

What you will learn: key disciplines

Actual issues of modern science

  • Organization and planning of research in the education system
  • Pedagogical planning
  • Scientific and theoretical foundations of teaching private methods in high school
  • Pedagogical ethics of international communication
  • Pedagogical deontology
  • Comparative pedagogy
  • Methodology and research methodology

  • Organization and planning of research in the education system
  • Pedagogical experiment: its essence and features.
  • Planning and organization of the experiment
  • Requirements for the development of the criterion apparatus of scientific research.
  • Interpretation and testing of research results.
  • Work on the manuscript of scientific research. Methods of preparing a doctoral thesis.
  • Professional competence of the teacher

  • The essence of the professional competence of the teacher.
  • Levels, criteria for professional competence.
  • Stages of professional competence formation.
  • Types of professional competence.
  • Professional competence of the teacher and its structure

  • You will be able to work:

    Undergraduates are primary school teachers of general education schools of all types; leading specialist, methodologist of education departments; teacher of pedagogical disciplines in pedagogical colleges; training centers for teachers; educational control departments.

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