«Pedagogics and psychology»

Specialty Pedagogics and psychology will allow you to become the true professional, to solve modern problems, to be guided by the acquired knowledge and skills in the modern competitive environment, in administrative and research activity, demanded education system.

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Key disciplines which you will study:

Education quality management system

  • Theoretical bases of a quality management system formation
  • New formation stages of a quality management system and documents development
  • International standards introduction in practice of higher educational institutions work
  • Functioning of a quality management system
  • Pedagogical measurements

  • Basic theoretical positions of pedagogical measurements
  • Bases of tests designing as control measuring materials
  • Stages and algorithms of control measuring materials creation
  • Methods of test results scaling
  • Organization and management at the higher school

  • Main problems of the educational process organization
  • Management of students’ cognitive activity in educational process
  • Educational process management in the system of higher education institution
  • Methodology and technique of psychological and pedagogical training of future experts for professional activity

  • General characteristic of pedagogical activity and its psychological aspects
  • Psychological structure of pedagogical activity
  • Psychology of professional pedagogical activity
  • Professional and pedagogical communication. "Barriers" in pedagogical interaction

  • Where can you work?

    The master of pedagogical sciences who got an education in "Pedagogics and psychology" can work as a psychologist at high comprehensive schools, preschool organizations, boarding schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, out-of-school educational institutions, in the centers of teaching staff preparation and retraining, as a teacher in teacher training colleges and in higher education institutions; as a employee of pedagogical scientific institutions.

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