7М01200201 «Pedagogy of preschool training and education»

7М01200201 «Pedagogy of preschool training and education» will allow you to become the true professional, to solve modern problems, to be guided by the acquired knowledge and skills in the modern competitive environment, in pedagogical and research activity, to solve highly professionally socially important problems in the sphere of pedagogical activity at the modern scientific and practical level; to form bases for development of the national priority in the educational system.

Admissions Consultation

Key disciplines which you will study:

Theoretical and methodological problems of preschool education

  • Theoretical and methodological problems of children education in the preschool organizations
  • Socializing problems of preschool aged children
  • Organizing problem of educational cognitive activity of preschool aged children
  • Bases of the family problem and education of the child
  • New approaches to quality management of preschool education

  • Quality management of education in the preschool organization as a pedagogical problem
  • Pedagogical quality as quality assessment indicator of preschool organizations activity
  • Optimization as condition of preschool education quality management
  • Technology on quality management of education in PE
  • Organization and management at the higher school

  • Main problems of educational process organization
  • Management of students cognitive activity in educational process
  • Management of educational process in the system of higher education institution
  • Methodology and technique of pedagogical researches

  • Scientific and pedagogical research, its methodological principles
  • Bases of scientific and pedagogical researches.
  • Methods of scientific and pedagogical researches.
  • Main stages of scientific and pedagogical researches.

  • Where can you work:

    The master of pedagogical sciences who got an education in "Preschool training and education" can work as the expert of different level in: organizations of preschool education of all kinds and types, higher educational institutions, research institutes; institutes of professional development and retraining of staff; authorized and local executive bodies in the field of education.

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