In order to deepen the specialization in defectology, the next stage of higher professional education is a Master's program where the training is aimed at organizing research activities of students in the field of special and inclusive education. Being trained during Master's program, master students have the opportunity to listen to guest lectures by scientists from near and far abroad, to gain invaluable experience by training in Russia, the Czech Republic, Romania, and also take an active part in grant projects, start-ups and competitions. The results of the research work of undergraduates are tested and implemented in educational, correctional preschool and school institutions. What you will learn: By becoming a master student of "Defectology" specialty, you will master experimental activities aimed at obtaining modern knowledge about the patterns, originality, etiology, pathogenesis of children with special educational needs.

Admissions Consultation

Key disciplines which you will study:

Research work in the field of special pedagogy and special psychology

  • Plan and organize, conduct a scientific experiment in the field of special pedagogy and special psychology, an empirical study (observation, comparison, measurement, experiment).
  • Management of educational systems in special education

  • Plan the work of the staff of correctional institutions, educational authorities to work for a year, a month; to design the interaction of managers and teachers in the process of performing tasks, participating in the methodological work of a special institution; create conditions for the effective impact of the team of defectologists and educators on individual workers..
  • Stress management in the work of the teacher

  • Mastering the practical experience in diagnosing problems of stressful states, training in stress management technologies in teacher’s work.
  • Research work

  • Conducting research, mastering experimental methods for researching objects in the relevant subject area, mastering the skills of processing scientific and experimental results.
  • The dissertation research and presentation of the main results of the dissertation work.

  • Where can you work?

    Graduates of the master's program can work as managers, methodologists in public and private preschool and school institutions, special correctional schools, rehabilitation centers, speech therapy centers, and offices for psychological and pedagogical correction; researchers at research institutes and higher educational institutions.

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