6В01101 «Pedagogy and Psychology» 6В01102 «Practical psychologist and college teacher»

Graduates who have received theoretical knowledge of the undergraduate degree program provide psychological services in the field of education. In educational institutions they create a positive psychological climate for developing the potential of each student, affecting self-knowledge and rehabilitation, self-development, and self-education of children and adults. They carry out diagnostic and remedial work on various psychological problems in the pedagogical environment, advice students, their parents and teachers. They conduct psychological education and provide psychologically favorable conditions for increasing the effectiveness of the psychological and pedagogical process of the subjects of education. Organize holistic pedagogical process in colleges.

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Key disciplines which you will study:

Theory and methods of educational work

  • Methods and the technology of planning of educational work
  • The system of work of the class teacher
  • Educational work in the development of youth initiatives
  • Pedagogical interaction with the parents of schoolers
  • Psychological and pedagogical diagnosis of personality

  • Psycho diagnostics of school-age children
  • Psychological and pedagogical diagnostics of intellectual development
  • Psycho diagnostics of general and special abilities
  • Classification of psycho diagnostic tools
  • Developmental and pedagogical psychology

  • Age and pedagogical psychology as a branch of psychological science
  • Mental development in ontogenesis
  • Psychology of educational activities
  • Psychological bases of education
  • Psychology of pedagogical activity
  • The activities of the educational psychologist in educational institutions

  • Rights and the duties of an educational psychologist in educational institutions
  • Model of psychological education service
  • Technologies of work of a practical psychologist in education
  • Professional interaction of a practical psychologist with the teaching staff of the school

  • Graduates of the specialty work as psychologists in educational institutions, orphanages, special correctional organizations, sanatorium and sports schools; practical psychologists; teachers of psychological and pedagogical disciplines in pedagogical colleges, lyceums and gymnasiums; methodologists in educational institutions of various types.

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