6В01201 «Preschool training and education» 6В01202 «The teacher of preschool education and training and the psychologist in the preschool organization»

Graduates who have received theoretical knowledge of the undergraduate education program acquire knowledge about the development, upbringing and education of children of early, preschool and preschool age. The content of the professional activity of a graduate of a specialty includes the organization of the educational process in pre-school organization at the level of the requirements of pedagogical science and practice, preparing children for school, implements the goals and objectives of the concept of educational development.

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Key disciplines which you will study:

Preschool Pedagogy

  • Preschool pedagogy as a science
  • Modern educational programs for the development and education of preschoolers
  • Development and education of preschoolers
  • Methods of education and training of children of preschool age.
  • Play as a leading preschool activity
  • Preschool organization and family
  • Preschool organization and school
  • Organization of complete pedagogical process in preschool organization
  • Development methods of preschoolers speech

  • Development method ofconnected speech
  • Formation method of grammatical structure of speech
  • Methods of development of the dictionary
  • Methods of education sound culture of speech
  • Methods of familiarization with fiction
  • Preparing children for literacy education
  • Child psychology

  • Main categories of child psychology
  • Mental features of preschool age
  • The problem of age periodization
  • Methods of the study of child psychology
  • Management in preschool education

  • Fundamentals of management in preschool organization
  • Organization and control of the educational process
  • Opening and operation of preschool organization
  • Planning for preschool organization

  • You will be able to work:

    Graduates of the specialty work as educators, methodologists, heads of preschool institutions; pre-school teachers in secondary schools, gymnasiums, high schools; teachers of psychological and pedagogical disciplines in pedagogical colleges; methodologists, leading experts in the departments of education; specialists in preschool education at the advanced training courses for teachers.

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