6B01901 «Defectology»

Currently, Kazakhstan is developing inclusive education, where children with special educational needs study. Work with this category of children is carried out by experts in the field of special education - teachers, speech pathologists. The uniqueness of the defectologists’s profession is in the great social importance of the profession for society: children, deprived of the opportunity to live a full life, as a result of defectologists’ work can join the outside world, its achievements and its values, become full-pledged members of society. What you will learn: As a student majoring in «Defectology», you will get the fundamental knowledge and practical skills in the disciplines: Fundamentals of Genetics and clinical disorders in children with SEN, Fundamentals of neuropsychology with elements of neurodiagnostics, Special Psychology, Psycho-pedagogical diagnosis of children with SEN, IT-technologies in education, Fundamentals of speech therapy, Methodological basis of social inclusion

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Key disciplines which you will study:


  • Knowledge of the structure of speech disorders, including the specifics of speech disorders in different categories of persons with special educational needs
  • Theoretical foundations of methods of language development of children, the modern concept of the child's speech development
  • Forms, methods, techniques and means of organizing the activities of persons with speech disorders for the development of education programs
  • Inclusive education

  • Work organization, planning, training model of students in inclusive, a special class of secondary school, learning at home
  • Development of individual programs of psycho-pedagogical support of SEN pupils in the conditions of inclusive education
  • Control technology by stress in terms of working with children with ASD

  • The use of effective forms of interaction with the families of children with ASD
  • Evaluation of social activity and stress conditions of children with ASD different situations
  • The motivation of a child with ASD for participation in various forms of inclusive education
  • Special psychology

  • Regularities and characteristics of mental development of the main categories of persons with special needs
  • Determination of abnormal development of categories on the basis of the characteristics of the psycho-educational
  • Drawing up of psycho-pedagogical characteristics of a child with SEN

  • Кем вы можете работать?

    Graduates work as experts in the public and private kindergartens and schools, special remedial schools, rehabilitation centers, speech therapy centers, offices of psycho-pedagogical correction in the field of inclusive education.

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