6В02101- DESIGN Specialization: "Graphic design"

The maintenance of the Graphic Design direction provides design of advertizing, printed materials (calendars, books, posters, booklets, show-windows, creation of posters and banners, development of the corporate style and a logo), work with web products.

Admissions Consultation

Key disciplines which you will study:

Theory of design

  • Art history of I
  • Art history of II
  • History of material culture and design
  • Modern design (on a profile graphic) *
  • Advertizing and printing graphics
  • Semiotics and design
  • Advertizing and marketing
  • Bases of art skill and design activity

  • Design bases
  • Chromatics
  • Composition
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Engineering graphics
  • Plastic modeling
  • Photographics
  • Design on a profile

  • The special drawing (on a profile graphic)
  • Composition (on a profile graphic) *
  • Modern materials in design (on a profile graphic) *
  • Elements and processes of graphic design
  • Prujection of objects of graphic design
  • Web design
  • Bases of pedagogical preparation in design education

  • History of art education
  • Pedagogics
  • Methods of educational work
  • Methods of teaching visual art and art work
  • Methods of teaching graphics and design
  • Management in education

  • Where can you work?

    Graduates of specialization can work in the field of graphic design: in advertizing companies and specialists in agencies of goods, social advertizing, for electronic and printing mass media, outdoor, transit advertizing, on execution of books and illustrations.

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    Phone number: 35-11-55 e-mail: pf_ksu@mail.ru