Education in this specialty is aimed at training scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff to provide the needs of science, education and production in the field of mathematics.

Admissions Consultation

Key disciplines which you will study:

Information technologies in science and education

  • Organization and planning of natural scientific, technical and technological research
  • Commercialization of the results of scientific and scientific and technical activities
  • Information technologies in science and education
  • Topical issues of modern science in foreign countries
  • Selection of adequate types, forms and methods of pedagogical activity in accordance with the requirements of the state education system.
  • Application of theoretical knowledge to solve the problem posed in the master's thesis, the problem, tasks
  • Fundamental issues of higher mathematics

  • Fundamental issues of algebra, geometry and logic
  • Fundamental analysis issues
  • Theoretical foundations of differential equations and computational mathematics
  • Theory of models
  • Interactive methods in the organization of educational process (in English)

  • Application of interactive teaching methods
  • Creative approach to solving problems and pedagogical situations, skills of optimal technologies for obtaining, storing, processing information

  • Who can you work for?

    Graduates of the specialty "Mathematics" can teach a number of mathematical disciplines in higher education, colleges and schools. A mathematician may develop specifications for programs to consider the full algorithm or the individual. They can engage in research work in areas that use mathematical methods and computer technology.

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