"8D01100103 - Digital Pedagogy"

The Ph.D training program in the educational program “8D01100103 - Digital Pedagogy” will allow students to gain competencies in the field of integration of modern pedagogical techniques, also information and communication technologies in the educational process, in the development and use of digital educational products and services for solving interdisciplinary and research problems of digital pedagogy. The aim of the educational program is to prepare competitive specialists who own digital technologies and modern methods of scientific research in the field of digital pedagogy.

Admissions Consultation

Key disciplines which you will study:

The methodology of scientific research

  • Academic writing
  • Methods of scientific research
  • Methodology and digital pedagogy

  • Technologies of professional-oriented training in digital pedagogy
  • Information and educational environment and digital pedagogy
  • Pedagogical practice
  • Digital resource development technologies

  • Pedagogical design of digital educational resources
  • Research practice
  • Doctoral student research work, including doctoral dissertation

  • The use of digital technology for research
  • Creative solution to complex professional tasks

  • Who can you work for?

    Doctor of Philosophy in the educational program "8D01100103 - Digital Pedagogy" can work in the system of higher and postgraduate education, educational institutions, research organizations, institutes for continuing education and retraining of teachers, departments of education management.

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