The purpose of the educational program is to prepare competitive specialists of the new formation with fundamental knowledge, innovative approaches, research skills for the implementation of scientific, pedagogical, professional and practical activities in higher education institutions, educational authorities, educational institutions, research centers, taking into account the prospects of development of the country. The conceptual framework of national education at the doctoral level provides a broad basic training, which should be aimed at achieving the fundamental knowledge of future specialists.

Admissions Consultation

Key disciplines which you will study:

Actual problems of mathematics

  • Descriptions of algebraically closed fields and special types of algebras.
  • Markov Chains.
  • Simple stochastic processes with continuous time.
  • Markov processes.
  • Selected issues of modern mathematics

  • Integral transformations of Fourier, Laplace, Mellin, Hankel, Meier and other two-Dimensional, three-dimensional integral transformations. Applications of integral transformations.
  • Pedagogical and research practice

  • selection of adequate types, forms and methods of pedagogical activity in accordance with the requirements of the state education system.
  • application of theoretical knowledge to solve the problem posed in the doctoral dissertation.
  • Research work of the doctoral student, including the implementation of the doctoral dissertation

  • creative implementation of complex algorithms for solving complex professional problems.
  • presentation of research results in various forms of scientific products.

  • Who can you work for?

    Graduates of the specialty "8D05401-Mathematics" can perform the following professional activities: teaching (teaching master's, doctoral); research; administrative and managerial (analyst, strategist in the field of science, education and high technology); expert advisory (examination of scientific articles and projects, scientific management of master's theses, the use of elements of innovation in the scientific and technical field).

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