The purpose of the educational program "6В01502.1-Mathematics - Physics" is training of highly qualified specialists competent for work in the field of science and education, perfecting of knowledge in the field of mathematics and physics of communication, mathematical calculations of the physical phenomena, formation of scientific and pedagogical competitive experts.

Admissions Consultation

What you learn: key disciplines:

Introduction to specialty

  • Anatomy, physiology and hygiene of school students
  • Pedagogics
  • Management in education
  • Inclusive education
  • Methods of teaching mathematics
  • Methods of teaching physics
  • Physics

  • Mechanics
  • Physics of atom and atomic nucleus
  • Nuclear physics
  • Electricity and magnetism
  • Optics
  • Various aspects of training methods

  • The method of solving logical problems
  • Aspects of the updated content of mathematics
  • Innovative technologies in the educational process in the school
  • Digital electronics
  • Linear algebra and geometry
  • Mathematical analysis
  • Differential equations
  • Theory of рrobability and mathematical statistics
  • Mathematical logic and discrete mathematics

  • As whom you will be able to work:

    Graduates of the educational program can work as the mathematics teacher, the teacher of physics at high schools, lyceums, the mathematics teacher and physicists in average professional educational institutions, in the private enterprises using mathematical and physical methods.

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