A mechanic is a specialist in the area of mechanics or applied mechanics. Representatives of the profession "Mechanics" are quite popular in the labor market. Despite the fact that universities produce a large number of specialists in this field, many companies and many enterprises require qualified mechanics. A mechanic is a mathematician, designer, programmer, engineer, one of the most popular and highly paid spheres of activity. The activity of mechanics is aimed at research in the field of mechanics using modern mathematical and numerical methods; modeling of various physical processes occurring in nature and as a result of human activity; formulation of numerical and physical experiments and processing of their results; design and creation of various mechanisms and machines. In order to do your job better, mechanics will need love to work with mechanisms, technical mindset, sleight of hand. He can not do without accuracy, resourcefulness, possession of many tools.

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Key disciplines which you will study:

Theoretical mechanics

  • Laws of mechanics. Axioms of statics.
  • Conditions of equilibrium of absolutely solid bodies.
  • Fundamentals of kinematics. Equation of motion.
  • Problems and General theorems of dynamics.
  • Mechanics of machines and robots

  • The concept of design.
  • Structure of mechanisms.
  • Geometrical and kinematic characteristics of mechanisms.
  • Dynamics of machines and robots.
  • Industrial robots and manipulators.
  • AutoCAD for mechanical tasks

  • The appointment of AutoCAD.
  • Creation of drawings in 2 - and 3-dimensional space according to normative documents and requirements.
  • Using a computer to build various drawings.
  • Construction of drawings of any complexity.
  • MathCAD for mechanics problems

  • Exchange of information with other applications.
  • Module-free programming.
  • Solutions of scientific-engineering and optimized problems in MathCAD package.
  • Processing of experimental data in the MathCAD package.

  • What are you qualified to do?

    Graduates can work in research centers; in research and production and production institutions; at any enterprise of various industries (construction, railway, engineering, aviation, geological, space, etc.); in design, technological, design and testing institutions.

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