A teacher is a specialist whose activity is aimed at training and educating future generations. He is able to convey information to the listener in such a way that he remembers, understands and learns how to apply it in life. This profession is very popular and promising. Bachelor of Education in the specialty 6B01501 - Mathematics carries out its professional activities in the field of education.

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What you learn: key disciplines

Fundamentals of the theory of fundamental sections of mathematics

  • Analytic geometry
  • Algebra and number theory
  • Mathematical analysis
  • Theory of рrobability and mathematical statistics
  • Differential equations
  • Complex analysis
  • Theory and methods of teaching mathematics

  • Methods of teaching mathematics
  • Workshop on solving mathematical problems
  • Elementary Mathematics
  • Aspects of updated school education
  • Basics of mathematical literacy
  • Workshop on non-standard tasks
  • Extracurricular work in mathematics

  • Extracurricular work in mathematics (elective classes)
  • Extracurricular work in mathematics (circle work)
  • History and methodology of mathematics (methodological and theoretical foundations
  • History and methodology of mathematics (practical application in the classroom) Innovative technologies
  • Innovative technologies

  • Innovative technologies in the organization of the educational process
  • IT technologies in education
  • Software for solving math problems

  • Who can you work with?

    Graduates can work in general educational organizations, educational institutions and centers, the department of education, tutoring centers; in schools, lyceums, gymnasiums and colleges; educational institutions of technical and vocational education, in organizations, institutions and services of production and non-production spheres of various organizational and legal forms, specializing in the field of mathematics. Having shown yourself as a teacher, you get the opportunity to grow up to the head of the training department or the head teacher. After receiving this position, in the future, you can take the post of director.

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