6В03105 «International Relations»

Education program aimed at training specialists in the field of IR, who have contemporary systematic knowledge and necessary general cultural and professional competences, capable to focus in difficult realities of modern world and to take an adequate decisions independently. Along with traditional disciplines on history and theory of IR, national security and foreign policy, students of the program study a range of regional studies issues. Moreover students have an opportunity to choose additional mini-specialization (so-called Minor), aimed at training of specialists in the field of mediation nad public affairs. This extends competitiveness of program alumni

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Key disciplines which you will study:

The ideological foundations of the modernization of public consciousness

  • Modern history of Kazakhstan
  • Philosophy
  • Basics of life safety
  • Ruhani Zhagyru
  • The spiritual heritage of the Kazakh people
  • Basics of law and anti-corruption culture
  • Applied business
  • Informational and communicative

  • Foreign language
  • Kazakh language
  • Information and communication technology (in English)
  • Professionally-oriented foreign language
  • Basic training

  • The history of international relations in the new time
  • The history of international relations in modern times
  • Introduction to the specialty
  • Diplomatic and consular service
  • Diplomatic documentation
  • Globalization and Global Governance
  • Contemporary problems of international relations
  • Regional studies module

  • Foreign policy of East Asian countries / Foreign policy of European countries and the USA
  • Culture and religions of East Asian countries / Culture and religions of Europe and the USA
  • Foreign language of European and American countries (French, German) / Foreign language of East Asian countries (Chinese language)
  • Theoretical Applied Module

  • Introduction to the theory of international relations
  • Modern concepts of international relations
  • Basics of geopolitics
  • Technique of the negotiation process
  • Multilateral diplomacy and foreign policy

  • Multilateral diplomacy
  • Foreign policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Economic and political processes in the CIS countries
  • Diplomatic protocol and business etiquette
  • National and regional security

  • Religious factor in international relations / National and regional security
  • Middle East and Africa in the system of international relations / Central Asia in the system of international relations / Latin America in the system of international relations
  • Gender factor in international relations / Institute of political leadership in international relations
  • Humanitarian aspect of international relations /
  • Introduction to applied analysis of international relations

  • Where you can work:

    Alumni can work as specialists, referents, experts, managers in PR and translators in state bodies, in leading national companies, which have close ties with foreign partners, missions of foreign countries, big scientific and analytical centers, in Mass Media.

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