If you want to become a professional historian - researcher, pioneer of unknown secrets of the past and present, an analyst who anticipates the development of the future, welcome to the training program for a competitive, highly qualified specialist with fundamental and applied knowledge and research skills to conduct scientific research, pedagogical management and professional practical activities in the context of the updated content of secondary education and iterialnogo evaluation. You will acquire the skills of conducting scientific research in the field of the theory of the historical process and cognition, the methodology of history, the design and modeling of learning situations in educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the use of information technologies, and the development of skills for expert advice and organizational management.

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Key disciplines which you will study:

World outlook bases of modernization of public consciousness

  • Modern History of Kazakhstan
  • Philosophy
  • Basics of life safety
  • Spiritual heritage (Руханижаңғыру)
  • Spiritual heritage of the Kazakh people
  • Bases of law and anti-corruption culture
  • Applied business
  • Foreign language
  • Kazakh language
  • Information and communication technologies (in English)
  • Information-communicative

  • Foreign language
  • Kazakh language
  • Information and communication technologies (in English)
  • Pedagogical and special historical disciplines

  • The history of ancient Kazakhstan
  • Ancient world history
  • The history of medieval Kazakhstan
  • History of the Middle Ages
  • Ethnology
  • Historical regional studies
  • Ethnography of the peoples of the world
  • New history of Kazakhstan
  • The modern history of Europe and America
  • ThenomadiccivilizationoftheKazakhs
  • New and recent history of Asian and African countries
  • Totalitarianism and the history of political repression in Kazakhstan
  • The history of the Kazakh diaspora
  • Thehistoryofthemovement "Alash"
  • Auxiliary historical disciplines
  • Culture of Kazakhstan and Central Asia
  • Demography and population statistics
  • Arabic
  • Psychology and human development
  • Methodsofteachinghistory
  • Pedagogy
  • History, Theory and Methodology

  • Republic of Kazakhstan in the world community
  • New history of Europe and America
  • History methodology
  • The historical process and the theory of historical knowledge
  • HistoryhistoriographyofKazakhstan
  • Historiography
  • Theoretical source study
  • Source study
  • Historical Anthropology
  • Social anthropology
  • Museology
  • Protection of the cultural heritage of Kazakhstan
  • Archive
  • History of archival institutions of Kazakhstan, etc

  • Where can you work?

    Graduates of the specialty work as employees of research institutes and institutes of advanced training, employees of archival and museum, cultural and educational institutions, occupy administrative positions in government bodies, work in the media and teachers of history and humanities in high schools, secondary schools, lyceums, colleges, regardless of their form of ownership and departmental subordination.

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