«History, bases of law and entrepreneurship»

Pedagogical activity is one of the most demanded spheres of educational activity in the field of history, law, economics. If you want to become the expert in teaching the business-focused disciplines, possessing fundamental and applied knowledge in branches of law and research skills for implementation scientific pedagogical, professional practical activities in the conditions of the updated contents of secondary education then welcome to the program of training teachers of the new formation on socially-humanitarian disciplines. You will master skills of educational activity, design and modeling of educational process in three main directions: history, law, entrepreneurship, uses of IT systems, learn to develop and introduce didactic materials independently, you will develop organizational management skills and get experience of scientific research.

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Key disciplines which you will study:

World outlook bases of modernization of public consciousness

  • Modern History of Kazakhstan
  • Philosophy
  • Basics of life safety
  • Spiritual heritage (Руханижаңғыру)
  • Spiritual heritage of the Kazakh people
  • Bases of law and anti-corruption culture
  • Applied business
  • Information-communicative

  • Foreign language
  • Kazakh language
  • Information and communication technologies (in English)
  • Economics and entrepreneurship

  • Applied business
  • Global prospects and project work
  • Economy of firm
  • Economy of small and average business
  • Microeconomics
  • Behavioral models in economy
  • Macroeconomics
  • National economy
  • History and branches of law

  • Modern and contemporary history of the countries of Asia and Africa
  • Asia and Africa in the 17-21st centuries
  • Theory of state and law
  • History of state and law of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Labor law
  • Legal regulation of separate types of entrepreneurial activity
  • Civil law
  • Entrepreneurial law
  • Methods of teaching and assessment

  • Methods of teaching History and Law
  • Methods of teaching business-focused disciplines
  • System of criteria assessment at school

  • Where can you work?

    Graduates of the specialty work as teachers of History, Bases of law, Entrepreneurship in educational institutions, staff at institutes of professional development, administrative positions in mayor’s office, initiators of entrepreneurial activity in the field of providing educational services, creations of firms of small and average business, legal advisers, teachers in gymnasiums, lyceums, colleges, irrespective of forms of their property and departmental subordination.

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