"7М07109701 - Chemical technology of inorganic substances"

The purpose of the educational program in the specialty "7М07109701-Chemical Technology of Inorganic Substances" is the preparation of a highly qualified chemist and chemical technologist with knowledge of the English language with fundamental and applied knowledge, high social and civic responsibility, capable of carrying out professional activities in the following areas non-state profile, government bodies in the field of education, chemical industry spine; research institutes of chemical, environmental, pharmaceutical, metallurgical and coal profiles, central factory laboratories of chemical enterprises, centers of standardization and certification, natural resources and environmental protection authorities.

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What you learn: key modules of specialty

The module of the basis of modern technologies of mineral processing:

  • Have skills in the field of processing of natural energy carriers and the production of carbon materials, mastering the basic methods of research of natural energy carriers and carbon materials; be able to design technological processes, develop schemes for technological processes; carry out the selection of equipment and develop technological regulations.
  • The module of the basis of chemistry and technology of inorganic substances and materials:

  • To be able to carry out technological processes in accordance with technological regulations, organize and exercise control of raw materials, intermediate substances and products, ensure efficient use of equipment, energy, raw materials and auxiliary materials, ensure adjustment and operation of machines and devices for the implementation of technological processes.
  • The module of the basis of modern chemistry and technology:

  • Have skills in using electrochemical measurement techniques; methods for analyzing the results of determining the thermodynamic and kinetic characteristics of processes, information on the fields of application and prospects for the development of electrochemical technologies.
  • Module professional languages:

  • Mastering the knowledge, skills and abilities of speaking, reading, listening and writing; knowledge of a foreign language, knowledge in the field of communication technology, skills of constructive dialogue, communication in a multicultural, multi-ethnic and multi-religious society.

  • Whom you can work:

    А teacher of higher educational institutions of state and non-state profile, in government bodies in the field of education; a specialist chemist in research institutes of chemical, ecological, pharmaceutical, metallurgical and coal profiles; technologist of the central plant laboratories and chemical industry enterprises, etc.

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