7М01501301 «Chemistry»

The purpose of the educational program in the specialty "7M015-Chemistry" is to prepare a highly qualified teacher and chemistry teacher with knowledge of English, possessing fundamental and applied knowledge, high social and civic responsibility, able to carry out professional activities in the following areas:  upbringing and formation of a comprehensively developed personality of a schoolchild and student,  formation of systematic knowledge in the field of chemistry,  organization of the pedagogical process in chemistry at the modern scientific level,  implementation of research, design work online

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What do you learn: key modules of specialty:

Training module

  • Know and carry out an educational process with a focus on the formation and development of an intellectually, physically and spiritually developed citizen of the country, with developed critical thinking, fluent in three (Kazakh, Russian, English) and more languages, ready to live in changing social and economic conditions, able to solve problems and influence the existing reality, changing it for the better.
  • The module of fundamental training

  • Know and understand the phenomena, the basic concepts, the basic laws and their experimental and theoretical basis of the main areas of chemistry. Know the basic laws and be able to apply them in special areas of chemistry. To know and be able to apply the basic mathematical methods used for modeling and analysis of chemical processes in research and professional activities
  • Learning technology module

  • Know and understand the basic modern means of evaluating learning outcomes, the methodological foundations of their application; basic research methods; modern educational model of learning BL, including online; methods and techniques for conducting classes using elements of research work; To be able to effectively organize the educational process in the BL format in English, including online
  • Language Module

  • Know the grammar, spelling, vocabulary and phraseology of the studied languages. Possess oral and written form of the studied Russian, Kazakh and English languages in the communicative aspect and in a wide range of contexts of social environment. Have the skills to write scientific texts of different genres: annotations, abstracts, bibliographies, plans, notes, etc

  • Who can you work?

    University teacher, high school teacher and college teacher. Master of Education in the specialty "7M01501301-Chemistry" carries out its professional activities in the field of education. The objects of the professional activity of the bachelor of education are higher educational institutions, secondary schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, colleges, regardless of the form of ownership and departmental subordination

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