“7M07109703 Chemistry and Chemical Engineering”

The educational program is aimed at training qualified specialists in the field of oil and gas processing, special purpose polymer materials, the synthesis of organic compounds, household and technical items, which will be focused on solving the problems of innovative development of the most important branches of the chemical industry. Having mastered this educational program you will be able to acquire professional competences in the field of creating innovative and alternative waste-free, environmentally safe chemical industries as well as gaining skills in organizing and ensuring the effective functioning of technological processes for the processing of oil, gas, coal, polymers and the synthesis of organic compounds.

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Key Disciplines

Innovative Technologies of Oil Refining and Petrochemistry

  • scientific fundamentals of new technological processes of oil refining;
  • principles of greening and resource saving of petrochemical processes;
  • trends in the development of processes of primary and secondary processing of oil;
  • analysis of technical and economic indicators of the development of petrochemical industries in Kazakhstan;
  • calculations of the main technological parameters of chemical reactors of petrochemical production.
  • Modern Issues for Chemistry and Technology of Special Purpose Polymers

  • the main achievements and trends in development of modern chemistry of special purpose polymers and their application;
  • new approaches to the synthesis of promising polyfunctional polymers;
  • modern methods of producing polymeric materials;
  • actual problems of chemical reactions of macromolecules;
  • technological methods of obtaining them in industry;
  • features of the physical& chemical properties of polymers.
  • Basics of Nanomaterials Engineering

  • scientific and theoretical basics of nanochemistry and nanotechnology;
  • nanomaterials, the criteria for their definition;
  • application of nanotechnology in industry;
  • features of the physical& chemical properties of nanopolymers;
  • development of progressive nanotechnology and nanochemistry
  • Supramolecular Chemistry (in English)

  • main molecular components of supramolecular systems and features of their structural organization;
  • basic principles of self-organization of supramolecular structures and methods for studying supramolecular ensembles;
  • predicting the possibility of complexes formation according to the ‘guest-host’ type;
  • assessment of potential (preorganization) of molecular systems and selecting methods for studying them.

  • Whom you can work:

    - enterprises producing organic substances, polymers, elastomers, paints and varnishes, powders, solid and liquid rocket fuels;
    - enterprises for oil, gas and coal processing;
    - enterprises for extraction, preparation and transportation of hydrocarbon raw materials and its rational use;
    - defense enterprises;
    - mining industries;
    - research and design branch institutes;
    - secondary technical and higher educational institutions;
    - university departments of chemical and special profile.

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