6B07203 «Technology of oil refining industries (by branches)»

The technology of oil refineries is one of the most sought-after and highly paid fields of activity. If you want to become a professional in this specialty, welcome to the training program for refiners and coal chemists. You will receive and learn how to independently perform the following types of professional activity: organizational and managerial; production and technological; design and experimental research.

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What you will learn: key disciplines

Technology of coal, oil and gas processing

  • Theoretical basis of oil, gas and coal processing.
  • Modeling of mass transfer processes
  • Modeling of heat exchange processes.
  • Chemistry and physics of oil, gas and coal
  • High molecular weight coal oil compounds
  • Alternative fuel technology

  • Technology of processing industries.
  • Alternative technology for producing artificial liquid fuel.
  • The technology of synthesis gas
  • Catalytic reforming of gasoline.
  • Nanotechnology in coal chemistry.
  • Theoretical bases of chemical processes of oil and gas processing

  • Catalysis in coal chemistry.
  • Catalytic reforming of coal gasoline
  • Technology for the production of coal methanol, acids and polymers.
  • Solid fuel chemistry
  • Synthetic liquid fuel from coal.
  • Catalytic isomerization of hydrocarbons
  • Technology of fuels and oils
  • Волновые процессы в химической технологии (Minor)

  • Mechanochemistry
  • Electrohydraulic cleaning in mechanical engineering and Metalworking technology.
  • Cavitation in the processing of hydrocarbon raw materials.
  • Electrohydroimpulse technology
  • Technology of electrohydraulic effect in agricultural industries

  • Whom you can work?

    Graduates of the specialty can work as technologist, chemical technologist; a marketer of petrochemical production, master technologist, a specialist in the departments of the university profile in petroleum industry, chemical, biotechnology, food industry, science and education, chemical and oil refining enterprises; enterprises producing fuels and petrochemicals; technical control departments; laboratories for fuel standardization and quality control; governing bodies of standardization, certification and licensing; research institutes.

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