«Fundamental Chemistry»

The purpose of the educational program is to provide fundamental knowledge in the field of chemistry and chemical sciences, which have natural and scientific, general technical and economic nature, and form the basis of vocational education.

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Key disciplines which you will study:

Fundamentals of inorganic chemistry

  • Atomic-molecular theory
  • Atomic structure and periodic law
  • Chemical bonding
  • Complex compounds
  • The direction of the chemical process
  • Chemical equilibrium
  • Hydrolysis of salts
  • Chemistry of aliphatic compounds

  • Butlerov’s theory of chemical structure
  • Types of chemical bonds in organic compounds
  • Classification of organic reactions and reagents
  • Application of spectral methods to study of the organic compounds structure
  • Optical isomerism of organic compounds
  • Quantum chemistry

  • Basic principles of quantum mechanics
  • The hydrogen atom in quantum mechanics
  • Multielectron atom
  • Molecular modeling
  • Potential energy surface (PES)
  • Calculation of the vibrational spectra and electron spectra
  • Configuration interaction and calculation of electron absorption spectra
  • Computer modeling of chemical reactions

  • Basic principles of chemical processes modeling
  • Construction of empirical models
  • Normal distribution law for vector random variables and the determination of their numerical characteristics.
  • Mathematical modeling of chemical-technological processes

  • What kind of work you will be able to perform?

    Laboratory assistant, laboratory engineer, chemistry teacher, research fellow, junior research fellow at the chemical, metallurgical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical industries enterprises, at the education, science and ecology sphere. The objects of the professional activity of the bachelor are: production laboratories of analytical, environmental, customs, sanitary-epidemiological, certification services; research organizations (institutes, laboratories) of a chemical, environmental, metallurgical, pharmaceutical profile, secondary general education schools, colleges, lyceums, gymnasiums, education departments.

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