"6B07102-Chemistry and Physics of Materials"

The purpose of the educational program "6B07102-Chemistry and Physics of Materials" is to prepare a qualified specialist in the field of materials science, possessing fundamental and applied knowledge, high social and civic responsibility, able to carry out professional activities in the following areas: - Laboratory and analytical support for the development of materials; - Scientific and technical development of materials; - Organization of analytical control of the development of materials with specified properties; - Management of methods and means of research and development material handling; - Registration of design and working technical documentation for the introduction into the production of materials with new properties.

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What you will learn: key modules

Mathematical and Science Module

  • Capable of a holistic view of the processes and phenomena occurring in inanimate and living nature; uses in knowledge and professional activities basic knowledge in the field of mathematics and natural sciences; able to use for professional activity modern advances in the field of information technologies (collection, storage and processing of information), including databases, computer networks, software and programming languages
  • Training module

  • Applies the fundamental laws of physics, chemistry, mathematics and mechanics to explain the properties and behavior of a wide range of diverse functional materials and nanomaterials intended for electronics and health care; applies knowledge of the synthesis, structure, physicomechanical, rheological properties and areas of practical application of polymers as one of the most important classes of compounds that distinguish them from the properties of low molecular weight compounds
  • The module of fundamental training

  • Able to apply the theoretical foundations of inorganic chemistry, the composition-structure-properties correlations, the principles of the structure of matter, the hierarchical structural organization of materials for mastering the methods of synthesis of substances, materials and nanomaterials; is able to apply basic theoretical knowledge of the fundamental branches of chemistry, physics, mathematics and mechanics, to the extent necessary to master the practical foundations of various interdisciplinary areas of material science and nanotechnology
  • Language Module

  • Know the grammar, spelling, vocabulary and phraseology of the studied languages. Possess oral and written form of the studied Russian, Kazakh and English languages in the communicative aspect and in a wide range of contexts of social environment. Have the skills to write scientific texts of different genres: annotations, abstracts, bibliographies, plans, notes, etc

  • Whom you can work?

    Production Engineer, Materials Engineer, Researcher, Chemical Technologist, Production Engineer, Product Quality Controller, School and College Employee. The sphere of professional activity are: enterprises of the electronics industry, the automotive industry and other high-tech industries, the organization of science and education. The objects of professional activity are: a wide range of various functional materials, technologies for their preparation and methods of characterization, including superconducting and magnetic materials, new generations of semiconductors, superionics, polymers and biosystems, as well as nanomaterials intended for electronics, photonics, sensors, information technologies , health and ecology.

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