“6B05303 - Chemistry and Chemical Engineering”

This specialty is an integration of chemistry and technological processes on an industrial scale as well as chemical& technological processes lying in the basis of oil and gas business (preparation, secondary processing of oil and oil products, modern chemical processes). Сhoosing this specialty you can gain professional competence in the design of resource and energy-saving chemical manufacture, calculation and design of units and equipment of the chemical and petrochemical industry.

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Key Disciplines:

Technology of Deep Processing of Oil, Gas and Coal

  • physical and chemical essence of the processes of transformation of combustible minerals during their preparation and deep processing
  • use of basic theoretical regularities at integrated production and technological activities
  • technological bases of thermal and thermal catalytic transformations of petroleum hydrocarbons, coal liquefaction, gas condensation
  • Modern Polymer Composite Materials

  • modern trends in chemistry, technology of composite polymeric materials
  • main components and special additives of the polymer composite
  • production, properties and application of fiberglass, carbon fibers, boroplastics, textolytes
  • intensification and optimization of technology of composite polymeric materials manufacturing
  • Computer Modeling in Manufacturing of Organic Materials

  • prediction of the structural, mechanical, optical, electrical and thermophysical properties of organic materials depending on the functionalization of the material of additives using cross-cutting calculations
  • visualize the results of calculations using graphic tools, etc.
  • Theoretical Fundamentals of Oil, Gas and Coal Processing

  • classification of refining processes
  • theoretical fundamentals of processes of primary processing, thermal and catalytic processes such as catalytic cracking, reforming, hydro treating, hydrocracking, isomerization, alkylation
  • composition of hydrocarbon raw materials
  • theoretical fundamentals of oil, gas, coal processing.

  • Future Career

    Graduates of the specialty can work at enterprises for the manufacturing of organic compounds, polymers, paints and varnishes, gunpowder, solid and liquid rocket fuels; enterprises for processing oil, gas, and coal, enterprises for the extraction, preparation and transportation of hydrocarbon raw materials and their rational usage; defense enterprises; in the mining industry; research and design industry institutes; secondary technical schools.

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