7М03106301 «Social Sciences»

Training of highly qualified specialist-political scientist, able to carry out professional activities in the field of power relations, leadership and management, regulation of social processes with the help of sources, resources and policies, as well as scientific and pedagogical personnel for higher education, analytical and research centers.

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Key disciplines which you will study:

Pedagogy of higher education

  • Mastering the theoretical and practical foundations of pedagogy of Higher education
  • Preparation for research, pedagogical, organizational and managerial types of professional activity in educational institutions of secondary professional and higher professional education.
  • Development of students ' knowledge system in the field of methodology, theory and practice of the integral pedagogical process in the educational institution, pedagogical activity of teachers and educational activity of students
  • Formation of skills and abilities of effective application of pedagogical knowledge in practice of training and education, pedagogical skill and pedagogical culture, steady interest in pedagogical activity and the creative attitude to the solution of various pedagogical tasks
  • Global political forecasting

  • Formation of system knowledge about global trends in the development of the modern world
  • Study of universal imperatives of world development; consideration of global scenarios and diverse models of the future.
  • Forecasting global trends in the development of the modern world.
  • The main vectors of the evolution of the modern world.
  • Universal imperatives of world development
  • Prospects of the state in the context of the new political architecture of the world
  • Multivariate models of the future.
  • General characteristics of the global scenarios for the future.
  • A model of a unipolar world. Model of the bipolar world. Model of a multipolar world. Disaster scenarios
  • Innovative research approaches in Western political science (in English)

  • Training of masters with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of research approaches to Western political science.
  • New trends in the study of modern problems of political science. - Formation of new branches of knowledge in political science at the intersection of social, humanitarian, natural and exact Sciences.
  • Change of scientific paradigms in political science under the influence of the 4th industrial revolution
  • Public administration (English)

  • Public administration as a scientific and educational discipline.
  • Nature and essence of public administration.
  • The main features of the system of public administration.
  • System characteristics of public administration.
  • State management activities. The effectiveness of public administration, its criteria and mechanisms for its improvement.
  • Public administration in the field of economy, culture, education, etc.
  • Global trends in public administration

  • Who can you work for?

    Among the organizations for job search, which will be of professional interest to graduates of the master's degree in the field of «political Science», it is possible to distinguish scientific and research organizations, Higher educational institutions of the country, the media (PR services), authorities and management, public and commercial organizations, headquarters of political parties.

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