7М02205001 Philosophy

The program is aimed at training qualified specialists in the field of philosophical knowledge with a complex of modern knowledge about current philosophical problems and ways to solve them in various fields of professional activity and spheres of social life, able to apply the knowledge and skills in social activities and personal development.

Admissions Consultation

Key disciplines which you will study:

History and philosophy of science

  • Philosophy of science and methodology of science
  • Features of scientific knowledge
  • Functions of science in society.
  • Historical development of institutional forms of scientific activity.
  • Organization and planning of scientific research in the field of Humanities

  • Methodology of scientific research.
  • Classification of research areas.
  • Specificity of scientific knowledge in the humanitarian sphere.
  • Planning of research work.
  • Philosophy of education

  • Philosophy of education in the system of modern knowledge.
  • Prospects of philosophy of education.
  • Education as a socio-cultural phenomenon.
  • Aims and values of education.
  • Topical issues of modern philosophy of foreign countries

  • The main trends in the development of modern philosophy.
  • The main centers of modern philosophical research abroad.
  • Questions of ontology and epistemology in modern philosophy of foreign countries.
  • Classical, non-classical and post-non-classical philosophy in contemporary foreign studies.

  • Who can you work for?

    Graduates can occupy the following positions: teacher of philosophy, ethics, logic and other philosophical disciplines in higher educational institutions, etc.; the reviewer, the Manager in the field of social and cultural work, etc.; the expert, a social analyst of the state and commercial structures, public movements and associations, research institutes, etc.; the anthropologist and the ethnologist advising organizations on problems of national movements, ethnic relations, migration, national mentality, etc.; specialist of the scientific-educational and social funds, etc.

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