8D01100102 - Psychology of education

Admissions Consultation

Key disciplines which you will study:

Actual problems of psychology of education: comparative analysis of domestic and foreign studies

  • Basic problems of psychology of education;
  • The problem of finding a sensitive period in the life of the child and its maximum use for its development;
  • The problem of connection between maturation and learning, inclinations and abilities, genotype and environment;
  • The problem of professional development and retraining of teachers and educators in the field of psychology
  • Innovative methods in education

  • Fundamental differences between traditional and innovative teaching methods;
  • An understanding of modern approaches to education and their respective teaching methods and techniques;
  • Analysis of didactic and methodical possibilities of information computer technologies for effective training
  • Psychological problems of socialization in the education system

  • Features of the socialization of human personality;
  • Psychological problems of socialization of the personality;
  • Personality in society
  • Psychology of pedagogical influence

  • Analysis of pedagogical situations and pedagogical problems;
  • Design stages teaching activities, designing educational programs, training programs;
  • Construction of various forms of cooperation and interaction with students

  • Who can you work for?

    Professional activity of doctor of philosophy PhD professional activity in the field of science, education.

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